Plug-in- a tribute to an American Baul


Plug-in is a free three-day music festival curated by Oxford Bookstores for the eighth edition of Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival.

Plug-in is a tribute to Bob Dylan, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016.

Bob Dylan has an intimate relation with Bengal.

Bob Dylan would often visit a studio at Woodstock, New York, where the Baul musicians Purna Das, his brother Luxman and their entourage would hang out in 1967-68.

Dylan would also fiddle on the Baul instruments ektara and khamak.

Dylan told Purna Das that:-“Purna Das is a Bengali Baul and he is an American Baul. We both sing music of the roots. Our objectives, he told me, were the same: To sing for people, tell their tales and spread love through music.”

The world’s most legendary song smith flew down to the city to attend a marriage of Purna Das Baul’s son in the winter of January 1990.

Moheener Ghoraguli was India’s first rock band. It was established in 1975 in Kolkata. They were influenced by Bob Dylan.

Hence it was indeed great that Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival introduced the Plug-in to play tribute to Bob-Dylan.

The plug-in brought together the brightest young musicians of West Bengal to perform in the heart of the city at St Paul’s Cathedral Grounds for a free music concert.

Those who performed are:-

No Strings Attached -known for their repertoire of music that combines elements of American folk, jazz, country and blues and Ritornellos known for their rousing music and easy tunes.

Underground Authority – countrywide, a rap-rock outfit.The band set the fire on stage with numbers of playlist ranging topics from violence to love, from diversity and inclusiveness to revolution and passion.

Paloma & Adil, famous for their feel-good mix of electro pop songs with smooth vocals and soulful melodies, experimental, soothing electronic soundscapes.

The Plug-in closed with a solo performance from Sambit loved for his mesmerizing and fantastic solo act of rhythm and music.


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